How To Sell Over The Phone?

How To Sell Over The Phone?

In this article, we will give you some tips and tricks on how to sell over the phone or as known as phone sales.
To see the effect of these methods you should combine one or more of the following tips together, it will show how professional you are and you will grab your customer’s attention from the very first second.

Take a look at the following phone sales tips.

1. Confidence

Whether it is an inbound or outbound call, showing confidence is vital.
If you want your customer to listen to you, pay attention, or even buy the service or the products you are selling, they have to see that you know what you are doing.

Fear or hesitation can be heard over the phone, and it can result in making poor impressions and losing your customers forever.

Confidence may seem impossible to maintain, but in fact, it is very easy and you can show confidence if you just understand the basics of the products and the service you are offering or selling, besides delivering your script with a strong voice tone too.

2. Don’t Be A Robot, Be Natural

Customers will lose interest in your offer if they heard you while making faking sounds. Faking your vice or talking like a robot will not be good if you want to sell over the phone, learning what you are going to say and memorizing it is so much better than reading your script over the phone.

Customers want salespeople who sound ‘natural’ and able to have a conversation, not machines or robots.

What does customer service mean?

3. Listen More

Even though that is the most common advice for anyone who wants to sell over the phone, yet many failed to keep up with it.
Listening more should come naturally if you are a salesman or want to sell over the phone. Keep in you remind that hearing doesn’t necessarily mean listening.

Listening carefully may involve some sounds lie “hmm” “I see”, also rephrasing what your customers sai and asking more questions to clear out some pints will indicate that you were actually listening.


4. Be Interesting!

Let’s face it, we all received the calls from salespersons who want to sell us something or offering us another service, and they all sound the same, right?

If you have been doing outbound calls for quite sometimes you have probably know your script by the heart, and it is probably affecting you right now.
Your customers deserve the effort you do to change your script a bit and try to have a more natural conversation.

Be Interesting
5. Smile

There is an old saying that says “Smile While you dial.”, Although it may sound unrealistic, your smile can be heard over the phone.
There is strong evidence that smiling can elevate your voice tone which will result in sounding ore friendly and warm while talking to your customer.
So, smile and you will gain more customers.

6. Talk Slower

Talking fast is not a good thing like everyone else may think, it is a known fact that you are talking faster and faster while you are nervous. Practice talking 20% slower than usual so you can sound natural and loud and clear.

7. Speak from your chest

Another thing you can notice while you are nervous is that your voice begins to suffocate and you will notice that your voice is moving from coming out from your chest to coming out from your throat and nose.

If this ever happens to you, slow down and breath out, and practice speaking from your chest with a deeper tone.

8. Repeat The Customer’s Name 3 Times At Least

Resting your customer’s name means 2 things; the first one that you are listing carefully to what they are saying, the second thing repeating their name will develop the conversation and make it more friendly than the usual outbound and sales calls.
Customers will e interested in what you are saying if they heard their name repeated over the phone and will give you their full attention.

Be Prepared for Objections
9. Be Prepared for Objections

Not knowing your products or the service you are going to offer for your customer may result in their confusion and might be hesitated to buy what you are selling. Being prepared for objections will help you to sound confident and don’t lose hope when your customer object to what you are offing them.

10. Declutter your workspace

Although this tip is not related to your conversation with the customer, it is very effective.
Sitting in clear and clean surroundings will help you focus on your work and will help you give your full attention to your customer and to what you are saying, it will also give you easy access to everything you may possibly need while talking to your customer.

11. Summarise the Call

Summarising what your customer say and repeating it back to them will indicate that you are willing to help them and that you were actually listing to whatever they said all over the conversation. This tip will help you gain their trust and might actually be the reason behind buying what you are offering them.

12. Listen To Your Previous Phone Calls

If you want to improve your outbound calls and want to close the deal, there is a very old-fashioned technique to improve your performance over the phone that is “Listing to your previous phone calls”.

Being in the middle of the conversion may not be the best chance to listing to what you are saying, but afterward listing to the call you will pay attention to some details and will try to improve them over the next calls.

The previous 12 tips are more effective if you mixed them all together and used all of them while having your outbound call, you will see results over time and your customers will buy the service or the product you are selling.

These are not the only tips for making your outbound calls better, there are quite a few more like: don’t ver use fillers like umms, ahh, and so on, standing straight and sitting up, asking the customer to clarify some points, presenting solutions for your client, and much more.