What is Help Desk management

What is Help Desk management?

Your help desk is more important than you think, it is the center of your customer service team. 


Help desk management is not an easy task, however, it helps your business and allows it in  automating and organizing your business’s daily workflow.


You can easily manage your help desk by supplying your employees with the right tools they need, from quickly answering their questions to be in a creative work environment. 


In this article, we will discuss the meaning of help desk management and how it can benefit your business, as well as we will discuss the difference between the help desk and service desk, if you are interested and looking for some answers, keep on reading this article about help desk management. 

Help Desk management

What is Help Desk management?

A Helpdesk is a stop that provides information and support manager service so you can handle your company’s internal and external inquiries. 


You can manage your help desk section easily through a help desk software solution. 

A help desk software solution enables you and your business to resolve your customers’ inquiries faster and efficiently by simply automating the complaint resolution process with a ticket management system. 


The History of Helpdesk Management 

In the middle of the 80s, the telephone was invented and it was the only communication method back then, however, in the middle of the 90s the Call center and IVR began to take place. 

Then people began to prefer sending tickets and texts instead of calling which is when ticket management appeared in 1991. 


Soon, in the 2000s the industry of help desks began to appear strong, and that was only when everything began to rotate around help desk management and how it is very essential for your business.


Types of Helpdesk Management 

Types of Helpdesk Management 

There are different types of helpdesk management, and they can be categorized by different aspects, for example, they can be categorized by their deployment, the size of the business, and the customer support function. 

Helpdesk software types can be classified by their deployment, the business size of the target users, and source code accessibility.

Below some of the Helpdesk management examples: 

Web Help Desk 

Usually, Web help desk refers to the software wherein the company can rent the solution on a  subscription basis thus saving on the cost as well as it’s easier to scale up.


On-premise Helpdesk

It is when the company has its own host on the system and has complete control over the helpdesk, as well as being completely responsible for its maintenance and functioning. 


Enterprise Help Desk

Enterprise help desk differs from the usual help desk in its features, as it includes features that improve overall company efficiency as well as addressing customers inquires faster, and with great efficiency. 


Open Source Helpdesk

With an open-source helpdesk, the developers do not need user licenses or permissions to access the source codes. This reduces dependencies and makes it easier to modify and enhance.

Why is Helpdesk Software Essential

Why is Helpdesk Software Essential?


One of the biggest mistakes any business can fall easily into is having a system that usually fails, it is not good either for your customers or your employees, as no one would work in a hassling environment like that. 

Getting” the help” you need to ensure that you never fall into this mistake can be a little overwhelming, but having a helpdesk system will help you leave a positive impact on multiple facets such as an improvement in customer satisfaction, increased agent productivity, and some of the operational/business benefits.

The following is some of the benefits of having helpdesk management: 

 1- Customer Satisfaction

As a business owner, you want nothing but your customer’s satisfaction, and your customers want nothing but having their inquires being resolved quickly and efficiently, that is when the helpdesk management’s role comes in. 

A helpdesk ticketing system will help both your customers and your employees, as it helps your customer to reach out for support via channels they prefer, as well as it creates a tunnel of communication between the customers and the agents. 


2- Agent Productivity

Having a helpdesk ticketing system helps your agents improve their productivity and enables them to serve the customers better. 


3- Business Operations

Streamline the operation to satisfy the SLAs and prioritize certain actions when required. Empowering the supervisor with intuitive graphs and data points to effectively monitor the functioning of the contact center. The supervisor gets to possess a bird’s eye view of the operations and supported by that data, can make informed decisions.

What is the best helpdesk ticketing system

What is the best helpdesk ticketing system?

After knowing the importance of helpdesk management to your business, you should now take a look at the best helpdesk ticketing system you can use for your business. 

Below a list of the best helpdesk ticketing systems for your business. 



Hubspot is one the best helpdesk ticketing systems, as it not only helps in replying to your customers quickly and efficiently, it can also help in improving your team productivity. 



Samanage is a platform and IT service management software that helps in empowering support teams to collect, address, and deliver service within your organization. 



Happy fix helps you and your agents receive and create tickets through email and through a customizable support center, so they can manage issues regardless of where they were reported. 



Zendesk is one of the most famous Helpdesk management software, it can be easily set up as an IT service desk that reports incidents, events, problems, and service requests from multiple support channels.


There are several Help Desk management software like: 

  1. Jira Service Desk
  2. Mojo IT Helpdesk
  3. Freshservice
  4. Vision Helpdesk
  5. Zoho Desk
  6. ServiceDesk Plus
  7. Jitbit


You can have your own help desk ticketing system, or you can easily delegate this task to an outsource company which can help you perfectly in handelin this job. 


By hiring an outsource company, you can easily focus on your business target without worrying about anything else.