21 12, 2020
  • Types Of difficult Customers

5 Types Of Difficult Customers And How to Deal With Them?  

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Rule #1 in marketing: You can’t please everyone all the time.  No matter how much time you spend developing and delivering good customer service, you will still have some complaints. here is 5 Types of difficult customers These complaints may have some reasons, whether it’s a customer with higher expectations or an otherwise lovely person who happens to be having a rough

9 12, 2020
  • Repeat Customers

5 Ways To Boost Repeat Customers

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5 Ways To Boost Repeat Customers As a marketer you want your customers to re-purchase their order or buy your service again. Did you ask yourself why customers should visit you again? Customers usually come for the quality of your product, but they stay loyal to the experience. Making sure that your customers have a good experience is a challenging task. In

8 12, 2020
  • Increase Customer’s Engagement

How to Optimize Customer Engagement?  

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How to Optimize Customer Engagement? You definitely have what it takes to attract new leads and grab new customer’s attention, as well as keep your customer loyal, as a business owner and a marketer. You can do so through different ways and that is an attractive design, interesting blog content or even paid ad campaigns, and many more ways to attract new

24 11, 2020
  • customer satisfaction

Customer Service Satisfaction for 2021 | A Complete Guide

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Customer Service Satisfaction for 2021   The importance of customer satisfaction should never be ignored. There are thousands of factors that affect the failure and the success of a business, and customer sanctification is on the top of these factors. It is essential to know how customer sanctification will and can affect your business and in this article, we will give you

22 11, 2020
  • customer relations

All you need to know about customer relations

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All you need to know about customer relations “If you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business.” Customers nowadays are not only focusing on what you sell, they also focus on how you sell it, and what happens after you have sold them your product. Developing an iconic product is one of the hardest challenges that a company can overcome, but it is

29 10, 2020
  • Telemarketing Sales Rule

Telemarketing Sales Rule, Telemarketing Do’s and Don’ts

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Telemarketing Sales Rule Telemarketing Do’s and Don’ts Before knowing the rules of telemarketing, we should know first the meaning of telemarketing. What does telemarketing mean? Telemarketing is the process of trying to sell products or offering services over the phone. The term telemarketing has been changed over the past few years, sometimes business refers to it as “inside sales” or “telesales”. There

14 10, 2020

Telemarketing Script

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Telemarketing Script Tips To Create A Creative Telemarketing Script The main idea about telemarketing is to understand the target audience, know their interest, and try to sell them your products, and eventually increase your sales. This only can be done through a very handled, highly elegant conversation between the target customer and the telemarketer through the telemarketing script. We know that it

13 10, 2020
  • Telemarketing

Telemarketing: This Is What Professionals Know About It

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Telemarketing: This Is What Professionals Know About It “It takes months to find a customer, and it takes seconds to lose one” We all received the kind f calls in which someone is offering us a new product or service, but we always never show interest, so why are they calling us? Those calls are called telemarketing calls, they are part of

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