Telemarketing Sales Rule

Telemarketing Sales Rule

Telemarketing Do’s and Don’ts

Before knowing the rules of telemarketing, we should know first the meaning of telemarketing.

What does telemarketing mean?

Telemarketing is the process of trying to sell products or offering services over the phone.
The term telemarketing has been changed over the past few years, sometimes business refers to it as “inside sales” or “telesales”.

There are some rules that should be followed for telemarketers when they making those calls in order to gain new leads and gain the customers’ respect and trust.
The following list is some do’s and don’ts that you should follow as a telemarketer.

What does customer service mean?

Telemarketing Rules

Telemarketing is still an important path for marketing for so many SME’s and large corporations.

If you are a marketer or a business owner for small business and large business It makes sense, therefore, to ensure you follow the best telemarketing tips and advice to make the most out of your outbound calls.



50 Telemarketing Do’s
1- Be Bold about what you want, whether you are calling for an appointment, a demo, or even a sales, speak your mind out, and don’t be shy.
2- Ask interesting questions. Questions that will make your listeners want to talk to you and find out more about what you are offering or selling.
3- Speak with confidence, it is heard. Believe that you will succeed and you will.
4- Being honest is the best approach for your customer. Your customers will know if you are lying.
5- Patience is the best path for telemarketing, and telemarketing needs a lot of patience.
6- Build a relationship with your customer, know their name, mention it a lot and you can strengthen this relationship if you know their language.
7- Be flexible and change your pitch if it is not working.
8- Have a clear list of the questions and the topics you are going to talk about with your customer. Having a clear list will help you a lot and save your customer’s time and yours too.
9- Make follow up calls on time and keep doing it until the deal is done.
10- Have your pen and notes ready at all times to write down any details that might be useful for you later.
11- listen carefully to everything your customers is saying, remember that you have two ears and one mouth.
12-Make sure your data about your customer is as fresh as possible.
13- Make sure you are passionate about your product or service and you know everything about it.
14- In outbound calls, make sure that you are briefly talking about your company.
15- According to the conversation flow, remember that you can talk-off the script sometimes if the conversation is going smoothly.
16- Sounding confident and professional over the phone is the number one rule to gain your customer’s attention.
17- Plan your calls. Know your products and know your service. Know your market. Have a list of your competitors. Know your pitch, and the issues your company resolves or the opportunities your company creates.
18- Practice your call script and record, then listen to it to find out what goes wrong and what you should edit, and what parts you should stick into.
19- Smile. Even if your customers don’t see you they can still hear the smile in your voice, it transmits.
20- Summarize the conversation with your customer before ending it. To make sure that you have fully understood what they have told you and to gain their trust that you have been listening carefully to them.
21-Use a good CRM system — so you can quickly search and find follow up calls.
22- Make sure to include, past work as farmers of references, or client reference points, and industry examples.
23- Set realistic objectives — based on your market, experience, and proposition
24- Set realistic targets – how many calls per hour? How many appointments do you want to make? Over what timeframe?
25- Use simple, engaging language that sounds natural.

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50 Telemarketing Dont’s

1- Saying sorry for the call, you don’t have to apologize.
2- Be afraid of asking for the sale or for an appointment.
3- Be afraid of defying the customer’s objections through some good and new questions.
4- Be afraid of changing the calls flow and the message if it is not working. Change is good, change when needed.
5- Eat/ drink while making calls. It shows disrespect for the customers.
6- Be rude when answering customer questions.
7- Get distracted by anything, or not be full attention to what the customer is saying

8- Interrupt your customer while talking.
9- Keep your telemarketing team in the dark, make sure they are prepared with responses to typical objections and reasons why the prospect should see you.
10- Lie, you will get caught at once.
11- Making assumptions based on what you already know.
12- Overuse the customer’s name.
13- Pitch something that you don’t understand.
14- Promise things that you can’t keep.
15- Rush you call. Take your time and slow down.
16- Set back and wait for the calls to come to you. Move now and make your calls.
17- Sound bored, or speak really quickly.
18- Use unnecessary jokes.
19- type while you are talking or listening, your customers can hear your typewriter.
20- Use ( Hmmm, Ummm, Err) while talking, know what you are going to say, and just say it.
21- Worry about failure.

Telemarketers are not everyone’s cup of tea. But applying these do and don’t will help you survive the toughest calls and even the rudest customers.
Don’t take negative comments personally, be stronger for the next calls. Never be afraid to ask your colleagues for help when you need it.