What is E-commerce Customer Service

What is E-commerce Customer Service?

Digital natives consider technology an integral part of their lives. When they want to solve a problem, get an answer, or purchase something, they turn to their devices to get instant gratification.

As a result, online shopping is growing at a breakneck speed. According to recent researches: the global online market hit $4 trillion in 2020. When it was only 263 million digital buyers in 2019.

With the growing number of online customers, online retails needed online customer service or what is called Ecommerce customer service.

Ecommerce customer service is a strategy for providing customer service to customers in online stores.

When retailers invest in improving their e-commerce customer service, delivered via a call center, live chat, or other channels, they tend to be rewarded with more loyal customers, better conversion rates, and an advantage over their competitors.

That being said, there is no longer a product or a service that can’t be found online, and online market places are witnessing record-breaking numbers.

What can businesses do to be more competitive? The answer is easy: e-commerce customer service.


In this article, we will talk about What is e-commerce customer service, why your business might need one, and what is the job description for e-commerce customer service, keep on reading to find out more.

What is E-commerce Customer Service

What Is E-commerce Customer Service?

E-commerce customer service is a strategy of how online businesses give assistance to their customers with everything; from making online purchase decisions to solving their problems with the product or the service. That is all done while creating a seamless customer experience across channels and platforms.

In our world now, the world that is full of technology, it is not a luxury to have e-commerce customer service it has become a must for your business success.

According to some data from Microsoft, 95% of customers say that customer service is important for brand loyalty.

Even though it is very important to have customer service, but having a bad one is worse than not having any at all. 80% of the businesses think that they provide excellent customer service, but only 8% of the customers agree.

With all the technology we have now, your customer has high expectations from your business as well as your customer service, from online purchase to solving issues that they might face with your product or service.

And there is only one way to meet your customer’s expectations and this is knowing how to excel in your e-commerce customer service.

The following list is for perfecting your e-commerce customer service.

E-commerce Customer Service Best Practices

E-commerce Customer Service Best Practices

For your business to stand out and for your service and product to survive the hard and difficult competition you need to be fully aware of your customer service, especially e-commerce customer service, we will give you some tips and tricks for your e-commerce customer service best practices.

Here are 5 ways you can step up your e-commerce customer service game.


1. Organization

  1. One of the essential features of a successful customer service department is being organized.
  2. You might have what it takes to run the process smoothly from an efficient process and a highly motivated team, but with the lack of organization, things might fall apart easily.
  3. Train your team members well, equip them with the right tools and keep a track of your customer’s conversation so that you help everyone to be on the same page.
  4. You can do simply that by small steps like having saved replies for repeated questions, using a shared inbox.


2. Meet Your Customer’s Terms

In e-commerce, there is only one rule: “ One size fits none”.
Each and every customer from your customers expected a personalized experience or approach. Each and every customer from your customers think that they are the only customers you have, they wanted to feel special and treated differently.

That is why having e-commerce customer service is a must, your business has to interact with your customers to get to know them better, to know their needs, and to make an ongoing relationship.

That said, you need to serve customers via their preferred communication channel. Setting a cohesive multi-channel customer service strategy is essential if you want to meet and exceed customers’ expectations.


3. Help Yourself is The New E-commerce Customer Service

One of the most underrated tactics of good e-commerce customer service is self-service. Some consumers prefer automated self-service, such as through a website or mobile app, for simple customer service tasks.

Customers prefer self-service as they prefer knowledge bases the most. With a knowledge base, you can create and publish answers for customers and reduce your customer support volume by at least 20%.

Making Self-service simple is a must as customers tend to quit if something too complicated.


4. Use PersonalizationTo Stand Out From The Crowd

Although that most of the time, customers tend to be looking for short answers, there is a time when customers are looking for a personalized approach and expert advice, that’s when you need to use the power of your e-commerce customer service to stand out.

To provide the best experience, agents need to offer guidance to help customers make the right purchases for them.

According to the latest research, 33% of the customer tend to eave a product and a business because of the lack of personalization.

Consumers in general expect a personalized approach, and a report found that 71% of respondents are frustrated by impersonal experiences.

5. Use The Power Of Customer Reviews

Today’s customers wanted to be heard and more importantly, they need to hear other customer’s opinions and reviews about products, services, and pretty much everything else.

Besides the fact that reviews are among major purchase decision factors, they’re also a great source of ideas for customer experience improvement.


In the end, we can say that having great e-commerce customer service is essential for your brand and for your business as a whole.
Being a master at e-commerce customer service can be done through different ways like listening to your customer’s review, equip your employees with the right tools, and use a personalized tone with your customers to gain their loyalty.

You can do so by yourself, or you can hire an outsource company that can help you with this mission easily. Hiring an outsource company to carry out this mission will let you focus on our business-main goal.