3 Types of Customer Service You Should Know

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Types of Customer Service2

Being a business owner in the market right now can be a little overwhelming, as the market can be unpredictable at times. You have a lot of expected and unexpected scenarios, your customers’ needs can change in night and day and you can’t figure out easily what they want exactly, and not knowing what your customers want can be a real problem and can be a trigger to your business. This dilemma might lead to the failure of your business.

So, in this article we will highlight the importance of having a customer service system to your business and what types of customer service you can provide whether you are a multi-million company or a start-up one, also we will talk about the types of customer service agents that you should hire and how to find them and what traits that your customer service agents should have. Keep on reading to find out more about the customer service types.

Types of Customer Service

Responding to your customers’ concerns is an essential thing if you own a business and there’s no such thing as “overdoing” that task.

Customers can, and will, interact with you before, while, and after purchasing a product or the service that you offer, they always need extra assurance that they have made the right decision to buy your product, not from your competitors and the technique you use in your customer service is the way to assure them.

Customers expect your customer service support to be as humanly as possible they need to feel that they are talking to a human being not just an agent memorizing all the customer service scenarios or scripts, as well as they, need to get a proper response from all your channels, social media, email or over the phone.

If you own a start-up covering all the channels to respond to your customer is not an essential task at the meantime, but here is a list of the most important types of customer service that you should cover and handle very well:

Social Media Customer Service

Even though social media channels are an essential part of building up a business nowadays, social media customer service might not be the preferred method by every business.

Customers may go to social media to ask for help when they don’t get a response from the phone customer support or email customer support.

Social Media Customer Service

Social Media Customer Service can be a double-edged weapon as if the customer is angry about something his comment can go publicly, s if you didn’t pay attention and respond with the solution it might give a bad image for your business which can scare off the potential new customer and might decrease your sales.

How to Avoid Social Media Customer Service Cons?

To avoid social media customer services cons, keep in mind the following while offering social media customer support

  • Post polite and public comments so everyone can see that you are willing to solve your customer’s problems.
  • Suggest solving the problem over the email or the phone.
  • Try to respond as soon as possible as customers are using social media all the time so they expected a quick response.

Email Customer Service

Having an email customer service is a great start, as offering help via email is more proper than responding publicly on social media channels.

Customer Service conducted via email support is super easy as everyone can write an email.

Email Customer Service

How to Improve your Email Customer Service

Follow the following tips to improve our email customer service

  • Creating a dedicated email only used for support is a great place to start, which ensures that your customer’s inquiries and problems will not get lost in your inbox.
  • Setting an auto-reply as soon as your customer sends an email letting him know that his inquiry has been received is another great step. Make sure that it includes auto-reply the time that you will reply to him with a solution or the answer to his inquiry.
  • One advantage of email customer support is that it gives you plenty of time to think about the perfect reply with the perfect solution, make full use of that.

Phone Customer Service

Phone Customer service is one of the Types of Customer Service that is very important, just like email support, phone customer service has a way of adding a personal element when it comes to interacting with the customers.

Through phone calls, both customers and business owners become humanized when using this method; it is also a great way for getting rid of any tension there.

Phone Customer Service

How to Develop Your Phone Customer Service?

When it comes to developing your phone support system, always put in mind to:

  • Be prepared before answering the call.
  • Train your customer service agents well.
  • Take time to show interest in the customer and to build a connection.
  • Learn more about your customer’s issue’s nature.
  • Don’t argue with the customer.

Types of Customer Service Agents

How to Choose Your Customer service agents

Having a well-trained and agents with huge knowledge and background will do good to your business, and will give a great image of your whole customer support system, but there are common traits that you must put an eye on while hiring your customer service agents, take a look on the following list of these traits:


When a customer is contacting a customer support agent is because he is angry or frustrated about something, so having a patient agent who can handle and calm down the customer is a must.


One of the easiest ways to make your customers happy is to make them feel they are bread!

Having agents that can communicate well with the customer and make them have a real conversion is a very important step when hiring your next customer support agent.


One of the traits that must be in your customer support agent is being passionate.

Passion can change the game 180 degrees; it will affect your engagement and attention with any job.

Those 3 types of customer service are not the only types of customer service there are a lot of customer service types, like live chat, Self-serve Customer Service and so many types of customer services. If you are a business owner what type of customer service will you choose to handle?