Benefits of Customer Support Live Chat

Benefits of Customer Support Live Chat


Live chat support is fast, efficient, and convenient


When customers are asked which kind of communication they prefer, they always say that they prefer live chat support, as it is faster, more efficient, and more convenient. Customers say that they prefer live chat over social media, email, and even phone support.


As a business owner did you ever thought about the benefits of live chat support? The benefits of live chat stretch far beyond just giving your customers a faster and more convenient way to get in touch with your customer service team. 


In this article we will discuss the benefits of customer support live chat and how can you boost it and improve your support experience, and how you can benefit from that, and how it can help you know your customers better, and inform your product decisions.

Here are some top benefits of customer support live chat 

Here are some top benefits of customer support live chat 


1- Improving the Support Experience For Your Customers 

The main reason behind choosing the live chat support over any other type of communication is because your customers get their questions answered immediately. Avoiding the type of hustle they may get over the phone or even via emails, live chat support helps your customers getting their problems solved on spot. 


Through live chat support, your customers are given the way to reach you at the exact moment they have questions or problems they may face. 


Getting their problem solved at the moment helps in increasing your customer satisfaction, hence increase their loyalty. 

Helps With The Customer’s Acquisition And Onboarding

2. Helps With The Customer’s Acquisition And Onboarding

According to the latest reports, customers who use live chat support are 2.8 times more likely to convert and buy or use your service or product than those who don’t.


Live chat support is a great way to connect with new customers and give them the confidence and the urge that they need to use your product or buy your service or even spend their time on your website. 


Being available for live chat support helps in building trust with your customers, even if they don’t need to chat or talk right now.

Building Relationship Between Your Agents and Your Customers

3. Helps in Building Relationship Between Your Agents and Your Customers 

Building a relationship between your customers and your agents is what your business is looking for. 

Through live chat support, your agents can easily notice and observe the customer’s tone and emotions, accordingly, they can change their styles to fit the situation best. 


By that agents and customers can quickly build a strong bond and establish a friendly relationship easily. 


4. Reduces Repetition For Your Customers

One of the biggest negatives of the usual channels of customer support is that your customer has to repeat his issue or the problem they are facing over and over again. 


According to the latest reports, customers expect agents to know the details of their problems as well as their support history and product information without asking for them. 


With live chat support, it is easier to do so, agents can now read the text that was supplied by their fellow agents or even the customer himself.


Some of the improvements that the live chat support has updated recently, the agent is allowed now to share a screen with the customer which will help them better understand a set of directions, making everything crystal clear.


Boosts Your Customer Support Team’s Productivity

5. Boosts Your Customer Support Team’s Productivity

Agents can make more than one task when they use live chat support, unlike replying to emails or answering one phone call, all of your agents can be multitaskers. 

Working with a chat queue full of quick and simple questions can be much easier than sticking to one email that requires more research and reporting. 

6. Support Available 24/7 

With a tied schedule, live chat support can be available 24/7. With this feature on, you will hear fewer complaints from your customers about their problems being unheard of. 


Even if you can’t afford to have available agents 24/7, your self-service support options, like a knowledge base full of content about your product, is available anytime.

When there is not an agent available for an immediate chat with the customer, make sure that there is a quick and easy way your customers can access to find their way to your support documentation.

Many times, people are perfectly happy to help themselves, but they aren’t sure where to find the information they need.

Increase Customer’s Engagement

7. Increase Customer’s Engagement

Live chat support can increase your customer’s engagement, as they get their problems solved immediately which gives them a reason to stick around. 


8. Helps You Win The Competition


Most people are more like to ask a question over a text or a live chat than using the phone.  

If your competitors don’t offer live chat or have low-quality chat support, it gives you a space to stand out in the competition, and do your business right. 


9. Helps In Informing Product Decisions


One of the biggest benefits of live chat support is that helps you in collecting all the data you want.

Depending on the live chat support software that you use, you can store, organize, and tag chats for review later. 

You can create a collection of data that informs your support team and your product and marketing teams, too.

You start simply by creating a set of tags that all agents can use to filter the data they want. 

Today’s customers are getting more and more comfortable with live chat technology. And not only do they prefer it, they expect it, too from all the business in the market now. 


Beyond improving the customer experience, the ability to increase agent productivity combined with the data you’ll collect —will lead you to greater success with live chat as part of your customer support plan. You can do so on your own or you can assign that task to an outsourcing company that will help you more probably with this mission and will make you focus more on your business core.