5 Ways To Boost Repeat Customers

As a marketer you want your customers to re-purchase their order or buy your service again.

Did you ask yourself why customers should visit you again?

Customers usually come for the quality of your product, but they stay loyal to the experience.
Making sure that your customers have a good experience is a challenging task.

In this article, we will discuss some of the ways that will help you boost repeat customers.

Ways To Boost Repeat Customers

Ways To Boost Repeat Customers

Naming a few brands that managed to achieve a cult following of repeat customers, can be a little hard. There are a few brands that you can name that managed to achieve their repeat customers, Apple, Starbucks, and few achieved their target in this area.

While not every brand in the market can be like Apple or Starbucks, any of these brands can become essential to their customers when they invest in their experience and prioritize the customer relationship.

Putting your customers first and repeat sales are sure to follow.


The following 5 strategies are a good place to start boosting your repeat customer.


Repeat customers are a good indicator that your brand is on its way to success, that is why every company wants to have repeat customer, however, there is no shortcut to building a thriving customer base.

Here are a few ways you can win your customers’ trust, respect, and hopefully, repeat business.

  • Be helpful
  • Create an unforgettable experience
  • Give more choices
  • Act on customer feedback
  • Do something good in the world


Be helpful

Being helpful means solving your customers’ problems to keep them happy and answer all of their questions even the unexpected ones.

Research shows that nearly half of customers would switch to a competing company after just one bad customer service experience.


Create an unforgettable experience

Brand recall is a top metric for marketers. It refers to the consumer’s ability to recognize and associate your products with your brand when they see your message.

Brands can cash in on recall by creating memorable experiences that set themselves apart, such as unique packaging, intelligent social media posts, or bold marketing campaigns.

In some cases, the novelty of the experience can be the very reason why your customers come back for more.


Give more choices

There is nothing better than having a variety of options.
A lot of known brands give their customers a variety of options through free samples. Giving your customer the luxury of choice will make your brand their first choice every time.

Act-On Customer Feedback

Acting upon your customer’s feedback will encourage your repeat buying. If you want to boost your repeat customer you need to have a customer feedback mechanism in place.

Customer satisfaction surveys are a good place to start, and many companies rely on a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program to collect insights from their existing customers. Acting on customer feedback shows your customers that you’re listening, and you truly care about their experience.


Do something good in the world

As part of your marketing plan, you should know that your customers expect your brand ta take a stand on the issues they care about, and yes this affects customer behavior.

According to the latest studies, two-thirds of consumers buy based on beliefs. This means that your brand is no longer remain neutral. You and your brand need to back up your values with action.

  • Donate to causes that align with your brand’s mission.
  • Encourage employee volunteering in your community.
  • Update internal policies so they reflect your values


At the end of the day, it’s probably not discount codes or flashy stunts that will win your customers over. It’s the experience they had and how you made them feel that will make them a customer for life. So when in doubt: Be kind, be helpful, and be human.


Return customer vs. Repeat Customer

Return customer and repeat customer are two different terms even though they are somehow related.

The difference between a return customer and a repeat customer.

A return customer is someone who has made a purchase from your company before and has come back to do another purchase for the second time.

A repeat customer is someone who has purchased from your brand time and time again and is considered a loyal customer.

Repeat customers are easier to sell to

Benefits of Repeat Customers

Making your customers loyal and retain them is cheaper than customer acquisition. Repeat customers are an asset worth investing in, and these are a few reasons why:

Consistent revenue

True loyalty means customers are less likely to be swayed by competing offers or discounts, so you can feel more confident about money coming in.


Stronger relationships

Repeat customers are often easier to sell to because they already have a relationship with you and feel more confident in your ability to deliver.

Word-of-mouth marketing
When you have a happy customer, they may recommend your product or service to friends or colleagues or talk it up on social media.

Lifetime value

Repeat customers are likely to generate more value over their lifetime as they continue to try new offerings based on their relationship with your brand.

Investing in retention strategies such as loyalty programs and good customer service can help you get the most value from your existing customers.