Telemarketing Script

Telemarketing Script

Tips To Create A Creative Telemarketing Script

The main idea about telemarketing is to understand the target audience, know their interest, and try to sell them your products, and eventually increase your sales. This only can be done through a very handled, highly elegant conversation between the target customer and the telemarketer through the telemarketing script.

We know that it is easier said than done. Many studies have indicated a lack of training and knowledge among the telemarketers to push the sales wisely enough by deeply understanding customer needs and offering them relevant solutions in the form of products/services.

Despite the salesperson or the telemarketer’s strong communication skills, there is always something missing, what is missing?

Well, the same studies have found out that the number one issue in meeting the marketing needs of a company through telemarketing is the badly written script used by the agents to make sales calls.

In outbound telemarketing calls, known as cold calls, the telemarketer needs nothing but a very strong and well-defined script to take the lead of the call.

A skillfully articulated and well-planned outbound call’s script can do wonders in meeting your sales and other marketing objectives.

In the following dew line, some tips to have a creative and strong and well-defined telemarketing script you can use it to increase your sales and earn a new customer to your brand.

Tips To Create A Creative Telemarketing ScriptTips To Create A Creative Telemarketing Script

The following are some tips to have a warm and close a deal call with your customers.

1- Understand and Know Your Product/ Service

Knowing the purpose behind calling the customer is the first step for a good start. Usually, a telemarketing call, especially an outbound one, is a part of a huge campaign, knowing what this campaign is about, and knowing the product or the service this campaign is offering is a good start to convince your customer. Without a clear goal, this call will not be a success, without put a clear marketing campaign.

Powerful Introduction

2- Powerful Introduction

The first 20 seconds of the telemarketing calls are the most crucial. If you didn’t gain your customer’s attention within those 20 or 30 seconds, you will lose him forever.

Introducing yourself clearly and simply is a good start, because the customer doesn’t know who you are, or what you are presenting.


Stating the Past Record
3- Intelligently, Seek Permission for their Time

Asking for the customer’s permission for 2 or 3 minutes can be a little bit tricky. While creating a telemarketing script, the common mistake is the way you are going to ask for permission for their time.

In fact, 9 out of 10 times your customers will answer this question by saying “No, I am sorry but I don’t have time” or ” I am sorry but I am busy right now”, or any other sentence to send you away without even listening to whatever you’re saying.

So, when you ask for their permission for their time you have to find a way without asking directly if it is a good time.

Having a courteous but a firm tone and thank the prospect for taking up your call.

4- Stating the Past Record
While calling a customer who has a previous history with your company, stating that within the call can be a great help. It instantly builds a connection.

5- Ask Clear and Precise Questions

We all know that the first few seconds are only a start. But to keep the call going you have to have prepared questions around the marketing objectives in advance to start off on a positive note.

These questions should be straight to the point and easy to understand, it is an essential part to ask the right questions to get your customers comfortable.

6- Establishing your Products/Services

One of the most important points of being a good outbound telemarketer is establishing your products/services to the needs of the prospect.
While creating a telemarketing script make sure that it has enough room for questions to understand the pain points of customers.
Understanding their needs and knowing what they want exactly is one of the few successful techniques of telemarketing.

7- Arranging your products according to the customers’ needs

While preparing your telemarketing script, it is essential to arrange your products in a way it meets your customer’s needs.

You can only do that by gathering the information about them, and know and understand their needs correctly.

8- Prepare A Great, Yet a Convincing Closure

After having a great conversation with your customer, learn the effective you to end this great call. By great closure, you can ensure that you have earned a loyal client.
You can do so by asking for their feedback about the product or the whole call.

Ask for a follow-up call

9- Ask for a follow-up call

Even if the customer’s answer is negative, be prepared for the final statement.
Your final statement will tell a lot about your company’s character, is it just a company which is looking to increase its sales only, or does it care about its customers?
you are representing your company, therefore, make sure to end on a polite and respectful note.

List down all the options available to you for a follow-up in case of positive and negative replies. Ask for a follow-up call or email.

Improvise in your script
10- Improvise in your script
Improvisation can be a double-edged weapon and it is a very tricky step.
Having enough space in your conversation for improvisation will definitely help you to have a more natural conversation with your customer.
Having enough space to improvise is one of the most crucial tips for a successful outbound telemarketing call.

The best telemarketing scripts are those that allow you to improvise as per the varied situations and complexities that can arise during the calls.

See telemarketing scripts as your roadmap to making successful calls, but do not shy away from going out of the script in the situations that demand you to. Trust us, it is one of the most important skills of any good telemarketer.

Changes Can Occur In Your Telemarketing Scripts

11- Changes Can Occur In Your Telemarketing Scripts

After all, you are talking to a human being, and having a real conversation, sticking to the telemarketing script can’t always be helpful, adapting to some changes in the conversation following can make it even better.

You might have developed a polished script after thorough trials and practice, but with changing demand, supply, and market variables, you must be willing to change your script, too.