Outbound Call

What Is Outbound Call?

Understanding the purpose of outbound calls, and what it takes to get an outbound call center running your business, you will be able to determine if it’s the right time to have an outbound team to your business.

In this article we will discuss the meaning of outbound calls, and what it takes to improve your outbound call center team.
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Outbound Call
What are Outbound Calls?

Outbound calls are those calls that are made by a contact center or call center to the third party.
Usually, this third part is either a customer or a partner, or another organization. The outbound calls can be prearranged service calls, cold calls, or a request for information from another business.

What is an Outbound Call CenterWhat is an Outbound Call Center

What is an Outbound Call Center?

An outbound call center is a place where the outbound calls take a place. An outbound call center is a function of the business that employs call center agents, or sales representatives to make outgoing calls to third parties.

Outbound call centers can be merged with an inbound call center, where outbound calls and inbound calls can take a place.

Since outbound calls and inbound calls are totally different perspective, some companies tend to have separated teams for both hof these functions. At some point, they may employee agents to carry n the two tasks if required.

Although there is a huge difference between inbound calls and outbound, outbound calls are defined as the calls that originate with sales or support representatives who make calls to third parties. Depending on how large your business is, each outbound call can be for a certain purpose.
Types of Outbound Call
Depending on how large your business is and what kind of industry and service you are offering, your outbound call center’s purpose will vary, it may include the following purposes:

Telemarketing Calls
Customer Service Calls
Marketing Research
Charity Fundraising
Survey Outreach
Updating Contact List
Customer Notifications
Requesting Information From Other Businesses

The Difference Between Inbound Calls and Outbound Calls

The Difference Between Inbound Calls and Outbound Calls

There is a huge difference between inbound agents and outbound agents, as outbound agents need additional training in specific skills such as objection handling, as outbound calls are more likely to be involved in sales, marketing, and debt collection.

There is another difference between inbound calls and outbound calls, they are being measured on different scales and metric, as inbound calls depend on speed and quality of resolution, while outbound calls are focused on specific outcomes, such as ‘Cost per call’ and ‘Total revenue’.

Other than that, inbound and outbound agents approximately have the same set of skills.

How can Outbound calls benefit your business?

How can Outbound calls benefit your business?

Before making the decision of including the outbound call center part into your business, it is important to know and understand the purpose of this function and how it is going to benefit your business plan.

There are some factors that may affect your decision about getting an outbound call center as the location of the call canter and if it is going to fit your budget.

For example, the location of the call center is very important, is it going to be on-site, or outside? There are pros and cons of each of these decisions, as some companies prefer the onsite location to be in control of their agents, but most important before making any of these decisions you should know the cost of these expenses.

Outbound call center can only fulfill its purpose when it is sufficient and effective, the following list includes some tips to improve the skills of your outbound call for your agents. To make sure that your customer is enjoying the experience follow the following tips:

Tips To Improve Your Outbound Call SkillsTips To Improve Your Outbound Call Skills

Penetration Reports
Penetration reports are essential for dialler administration, they will give you a clear view of the dialler performance on your contact list.

Dialler Manager
Be smart and make full use of all of your data, make sure that your dialler manager is always looking for trends.

Motivate your agents
Motivating your agents will help them and your business to always be on the track. Whenever a customer praises one of your agents, make sure to spread the word around to motivate other agents.

Agents and Qaulity Assurenace

Every agent’s big nightmare is quality assurance, they may think that they are always there to catch their mistake, but it is totally the opposite.
You can let your agents asset with their calls quality assurance to get them to acknowledge their mistake and develop it.

Stop Cluttering
Don’t clutter your agent’s desktop with unnecessary information, try to avoid putting unnecessary information on your agent’s desktops as this will lack their way, and will take more time.
Involve Your Agents More
Involve your agents even in the small details like design their KPI sheet. The more your agents spend their time in designing their KPI sheet, the more motivated they will get and be proactive to achieve their targets.

Know More About The Competition From Your Agents
Knowing what is going around in your industry is a bonus for you, ad now you can do it for free.
Gather more information about any competition going around from agent. Agents are taking t customers all day and they can get any information you want through their calls, which will save both time and money.

Gather Your Agents
Gathering your agents together as a big one family will improve their performance and will create a healthy working environment.
Use the time off between the calls as about to know each other as a team, or going home early

Outbound can help your business grow better, and it can spread the word really quickly, make sure that your agents are well trained, and with a high-quality background of knowing your products and the service you are offering.